All That New Christmas Technology

OK, so I am writing an update of my post from 2009 that was titled “So You Got A New PC“. I will finish it and get it up soon – updated to deal with newer versions of Windows and Mac and iOS and yes, maybe even Android. Until then though, please go read the original post and make sure you have working anti-virus software installed on your Windows machine and for all devices – backup, backup, backup!


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  1. Ok Michael! I’m all set with the anti-virus thing but regarding back up, I could use your words of wisdom! Will that be part of the update? :)

  2. You would be amazed at how many folks never backup their data. They just assume that the data will always be there and that the hardware will never fail. Nothing could be further from the truth. You can never have too many backups. EVER…. Once the data is GONE it is GONE. Now, having said that, there are some remote and extreme cases where you could send your hard drive off to a company that makes a living at recovering data off of hard drives. That is a very very expensive option though and most people other than companies ever do that.

    • Totally agree. Or perhaps they tell me they have it backed up – on a USB thumb drive. Those thumb drives are meant for temporary transport, not storage. They really do not have long life spans, and should not be considered as backup.

  3. While I am a maniac about backing up my writing, I am not so good with the rest.

    • Do you at least have it in DropBox or something so there is an automatic copy made? That is so easy. But, we really need to get you and MTM on a shared external hard drive too.

  4. Thank you very much for following the blog, I really look forward to reading your posts and happy new year 2014. Gede Prama :-)

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